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Sunday, March 31, 2013

MACPRI 2013 Toronto International Oware Tournament

Plans are now underway for the 2nd Inter-generational Toronto International Oware Tournament and Free Family Fun Day organized by MACPRI Chief Adisa S. Oji who is also the developer of the African Image Revolution.

A venue has been chosen and to be confirmed. A date has also been selected early in the 2013-2014 school year at the end of September. We are now looking for sponsors.

There are sponsor packages for as low as $200.00 and from the principal sponsors we are looking for $5000 - $10000. Our principal sponsor for the 2011 event was Evans Electrical Services.

A very exciting Oware Family Day program is being developed. Many of the activities in the 2011 program will be return as they were a big hit with our patrons. The 2011 event saw an appreciable participant turn out of over 200 people. For 2013 our goal is to see 400 - 600 community members of all ages enter our doors for an unforgettable experience. The most senior person at the last event who also won the Oware tournament was 79 years old and he faced off in a very spirited championship against a 12 year student from the Elms Middle School. The event was held at the Africentric Alternative School in Toronto.

Please stay tune for more details and if you cannot wait for the details email owarecanada@gmail.com.
Also if you have not yet purchased your personal Oware game board and would like to get one to brush up for the tournament, feel free to request information on retails outlets in Toronto or buying from MACPRI direct.

The MACPRI Oware tournament is not for seasoned experts or masters, it is for everyone. It is an opportunity for the community to come together, learn, play and have fun in a way it has never been done in Canada before. The tournament is also a practical ways for MACPRI to share it unique teaching and social learning style for everyone's benefit.

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