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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oware at Afro-Fest July 10 - 11, 2010

July 4, 2010

On July 1st, I participated in the Amesbury Canada Day Festival for the first time. I was not too sure I was going to make any art sales as most of the other 70 vendors who participated were selling items for $5 and $10 and used clothing items for as low as $0.50. While I did not sell even one Oware game board, I did have time to teach 10 new players the game. The event was surely not a waste as I did see and purchased a very nice African Shirt from Kenya. I loved the shirt so much that I convinced my mother to buy two for her people in Jamaica. I also told the seller that I would sell the remaining 9 shirts he has left at Afro-Fest the upcoming weekend (July 10-11). I also bought a second hand Tickle me Elmo toy as a mascot (in some fashion) for my Oware campaign. I still remember how Elmo was intrigued by the game when I presented it at the annual Driftwood Festival and this memory triggered a pleasant vibe so I bought the toy. I will clean it up and give him to my son.

Business wise the day was not a wash as many of the vendors, festival staff and shoppers liked my "made in Africa" art and left with some pieces. Overall this was a good event and MACPRI will return next year.

As for now I am doing the final preparations for the big Afro-Fest weekend.
Be sure to visit MACPRI and purchase some of our "made in Africa" art at the Knowledge Bookstore tent behind the statue of the black horse in Queen's Park, Toronto. We will also be selling and teaching the great African board game from Ghana called Oware. For more info on Afro-Fest log on to: http://www.musicafrica.org

See you there.

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