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Monday, December 14, 2009

MACPRI Oware New!

Please note that this is my first blog and i am just learning about the possibilities. What I do know for sure is the opportunity will give me more chances to miss spell lots of words, so please forgive me in advance.

Do I know what I am doing here? No, but I will surely learn.

I lost almost 10 years on journal entries on my locked MACPRI website because I failed to back up. I hope not to make this same mistake here. I am not sure who will see this blog, but if you do get a chance to see it and of course if I get a chance to share, I will use this space to keep you posted on the development of my most comprehensive Africa development project and my travels.

For those of you familiar with my work over the years I am committed to supporting Africa's development through the promotion and marketing of "made in Africa" art. While I promote and sell all kinds of unique art from West Africa, I am particularly interested in art that is educational - historical, practical and within the art itself we can learn something about the people who produce the works and from whom the art originated. I have been blessed to come up on the ancient African board game and math teaching tool produced in Ghana under the name Oware. For more information on Oware check out www.oware.com.

My company, MACPRI, has taken on the incredible task of geting this teaching tool into our classrooms across Canada. We have started with the TDSB and TDCSB in Toronto and are making steady progress.

There is much that has happened since MACPRI most significant shipment of Oware game boards arrived in Toronto May 2009. Among these developments are plans to stage in the summer of 2011, Toronto's First International Oware Tournament. Also note worthy is the fact that dialog has begun between MACPRI Canada and the Oware Society of England towards forming a mutually beneficial alliance to expand the global promotion of Oware.

Please keep posted for developments.
Adisa Oji
Accra, Ghana

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